MSN your service partner for Western Europe


Who are we?

MSN is a well-known company in the field of service providing to electrical and gasoline driven machines. MSN operates in Western Europe and stands for customized service. Because of MSN’s professional After Sales service our clients can fully focus on the sales of their products.


“You make the deal. We do the rest.”


Why outsourcing After Sales?

To have a professional service organization is really important if you want to distinguish yourself as a supplier. For many customers and consumers service plays an important role in their purchase decisions. MSN is offering you the possibility to work together with such a professional service organization.

Outsourcing of the service activities is very attractive in a financial matter. You don’t have to invest in personnel, training, education, accommodation, warehouses, tools and special measuring equipment anymore.



Some practical examples:


  • When your customer has a problem with a machine delivered by you, we first analyze the problem. In deliberation with the client we give suggestions to solve the problem or we send a replacing part (we don’t just pick up the machine immediately because that could cause additional costs, like sending costs, repair, etc.).
  • MSN is offering you the possibility to disassemble parts of returned machines. These disassembled parts can be delivered to your customers quickly and cost-effectively.
  • For many clients we also do refurbish activities. From almost all the returned machines we make good looking and working machines again. These products can be used as an exchange product in the warranty.
  • If the dropout rate of certain products are higher than expected, we can rework these products. If the same product keeps coming back we can deliberate whether or not to apply a modification.


Which services does MSN offer?

  • Helpdesk (Dutch, German and French)                              
  • Repair                                                                                
  • Warranty assessment                                                 
  • Distribution                                                                     
  • Delivering parts
  • Administration
  • Rework
  • Refurbish
  • Instruction video
  • Breakdown service



Our helpdesk personnel can assist your customers in a highly professional manner. By continuously educate and train our personnel we make sure that your customers always get proper solutions.



In our own repair department we can repair electrical machines as well as gasoline driven machines. Our mechanics have the right knowledge and years of experience. This guarantees that MSN will finish the repair within an agreed timeframe and delivers machines to your customers that are working as new again.


We repair:

  • Electric hand tools
  • Garden machinery (electrical and gasoline driven machines)
  • Domestic machines
  • White ware
  • Pneumatic devices
  • Stationary machines
  • Faucets and plumbing
  • Garden furniture
  • Barbecues
  • Etc.


Warranty assessment

To make a proper assessment regarding to warranties your service partner has to be aware of all the warranty conditions and the applicable law and regulations. MSN has this knowledge and is able to apply the proper warranty conditions. In this way we can tell your customers whether or not they can use the warranty in their specific situation.



It is no problem to pick up machines at customers’ houses or somewhere in a shop. Because we work together with trusted transport companies we are very flexible. Through our helpdesk a customer can sign up for a repair. Then we make an appointment to pick up the machine within an agreed time frame. As soon as the machine arrives it gets scanned and equipped with a barcode so that the machine can be followed the whole route. If the machine is ready for shipment again, we make sure that it gets delivered at the right location.


Delivering parts

Because we have our own warehouse and we recycle parts of returned machines, we are really quick and effective in providing the right parts to the customer. This prevents waiting times for deliveries from manufacturers.



All incoming goods and work performed are registered immediately in our system. Our system is fully automated and our clients receive an update about the total After Sales every night. We can also send the invoice to the end user, if necessary.



A high dropout rate is not only unfavorable for the costs but also for customer satisfaction. What we do is finding an appropriate solution and then rework the machines. Because of the flexibility of our technical staff we can rework a huge number of machines in a short term. Example given: A client had a problem with 11.000 machines. MSN came up with a solution and applied it. Eight bolts had to be replaced and the problem was solved. We had the capacity to rework 800 machines a day and that is why the problem was completely solved in only two weeks.



When defect machines return within the predetermined warranty period, we repair or replace it. When it has to be replaced the customer usually will receive a new one. MSN can transform defect machines into new and good looking machines. These machines can be used as exchange products. In this way our clients don’t have to send new machines to the customer.

Instruction video

Our skilled cameraman can present your product in a professional way by making an instruction video. By putting it on the Internet the consumers can see how the product works. This stimulates the sales and reduces the dropout rate because the consumer knows how to handle the product.


Breakdown service

Machine Service Noord has its own breakdown service with well-educated V.C.A. certified mechanics. Among other necessary diplomas our mechanics  have the “malfunction technician diploma”. In case of a malfunction time is of the essence. We give you the possibility to have direct contact with the service mechanics . This saves time as you can discuss the planning and your problems directly with a mechanic. This is also efficient because the mechanic can bring the necessary parts immediately.


Our own brand products

For construction markets and chain stores we can do the After Sales for the whole assortment as far as it concerns our own brand machines. Whether it is about garden furniture or a barbeque, with MSN as a service partner you have one central contact point.

Customer ref.

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